Don't Give a Fuck!

Can you hear the silence?

Can you see the dark?

Can you fix the broken?

Can you feel my heart?

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The Living Room Routine - tracks to dance to around your room/living room and act out dramatically. [ Listen ]
1. you make by dreams come true - hall & oates
2. come on eileen - dexy’s midnight runners
3. centerfold - the j. geils band
4. i’ve got my mind set on you - george harrison
5. tiger feet - mud
6. start me up - the rolling stones
7. what i like about you - the romantics
8. jump - van halen
9. i’m gonna be - the proclaimers
10. carry on my wayward son - kansas
11. don’t you forget about me - simple minds


We will never be like we used to be…


You know when you get at the end of something and you feel that’s sad?
And start it over again, like always.
How it’s going to be this time?
How will you proceed?
There is always so many questions.

(Source: ll88ll, via yingyangthang)

Laforet campaign ‘Be Noisy,’ art direction by Rikako Nagashima